The Wagon Wheel Figure Skating Club became a member club of the United States Figure Skating Association in September of 1956. Its original home ice was the Wagon Wheel Resort in Rockton, Illinois. With the demise of the Wagon Wheel Resort's rink, the club moved to Barrington in 1981. In 1983, the club’s officers moved the home rink to the Rolling Meadows Ice Center. In 1995, the club home rink returned to Barrington. On May 12, 1997, Wagon Wheel FSC merged with Barrington Area Figure Skating as a result of a unanimous vote of each of the club memberships. Operations of the merged club began August 1, 1997 following the election of new members of the club board.


For the 1999-2000 season, the club home rink was changed to the Crystal Ice House. The third ice surface added at the Crystal Ice House in 2000 permitted the club to offer additional activities. Champions, such as Janet Lynn, have come from the club’s membership. Well known skaters such as Scott Hamilton and Gordie McKellan have skated on club ice sessions. 


The club has a history of serving its skaters with a commitment to club activities, frequent test sessions, pre-competition critiques and annual competitions as well as recognition and financial support of our members. The club has always drawn skaters from a wide geographical area.


Wagon Wheel FSC is a founding member of the Skating Council of Illinois.