WWFSC Seeking New Test Chair

Since 1983, Joan Viviano has served as Test Chair for Wagon Wheel FSC. After many years of service, Joan is ready to retire and help transition her duties to a new Test Chair. The WWFSC Board of Directors would like to express our deepest gratitude to Joan for her longstanding dedication and service to the Club and its skaters.   


As we plan for the transition, WWFSC is currently seeking motivated candidates who are interested in volunteering to serve in the role of Test Chair. Please note you do not need to be a WWFSC member to hold this position. Below is a job description/overview of the duties. 


The WWFSC test chair is responsible for the planning, executing and reporting of each club test session. Duties include:

  • Setting test day dates and reserving ice with the host rink
  • Contacting and securing judges
  • Communicating with coaches for skater test needs
  • Working closely with the Director of Communications to promote the test session to its members and set up the online registration in EntryEeze.  
  • Setting the ice schedule for tests
  • Liaising with members to request volunteers to assist with test days (music players, runners, test copies, check-in, etc.)
  • Validating test session participants/levels in the USFS online membership portal
  • Ensuring all out-of-club permission forms are collected
  • Preparing clipboards and test sheets for the judges
  • Assisting judges on test day
  • Arranging for food and a judges’ room
  • Filing official hard copy records of test results with USFS; keeping them for a minimum of three years
  • Working with Club Treasurer to ensure that all evaluators receive their appropriate mileage at the end of each test session.
  • Maintaining current and accurate club records of all tests, both for the Club members and out-of-club members who test at the Club
  • Processing IJS Protocol for Test Credit Request


If you are interested in this position, please email your name and a brief explanation on why you would be a good fit to members@wwfsc.com by Feb. 28.