WWFSC is managed by a Board of Directors. One third of the board is elected by the membership each year with overlapping terms. Board Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. 
*August meeting will be held in Mt. Prospect (site of GCFI). 
Currently, the board is conducting meetings virtually. Members are asked to check their emails for login instructions on how to join the Google Meet meeting. Contact with questions.
Aug. 6 Virtual Board Meeting - Executive Session Only to primarily discuss GCFI.

2019 – 2020 Board of Directors:
Lynn Lightfoot, President (Term up 2021)

Melissa Gade-Wasz, Vice President (Term up 2020)

Joan Viviano, Vice President, Test Chair (Term up 2021)

Toni Swain, Treasurer (Term up 2020)

Lisa Gorsage, Secretary (Term up 2022)

Lanny Nelson, Skating Council of Illinois Delegate (Term up 2020)

Becky Spillar-Wyskochil, Communications (Term up 2021)

Michelle Hogan, Director (Term up 2022)

Tracey Connor, Director (Term up 2022)


Purpose (from the club Constitution and By-Laws)

The Club’s purpose is to encourage the instruction, practice and advancement of our members in school figures, free skating, dancing, precision team skating, moves in the field and other types of figure skating, and to sponsor and conduct skating clinics for the public, so that they may better understand the sport and participate in it. To produce and cooperate in the production of amateur ice competitions, shows and exhibitions.